class easysnmp.EasySNMPError

The base Easy SNMP exception which covers all exceptions raised.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPConnectionError

Indicates a problem connecting to the remote host.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPTimeoutError

Raised when an SNMP request times out.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPUnknownObjectIDError

Raised when an inexisted OID is requested.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPNoSuchObjectError

Raised when an OID is requested which may have some form of existence but an invalid object name.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPNoSuchInstanceError

Raised when a particular OID index requested from Net-SNMP doesn’t exist.

class easysnmp.EasySNMPUndeterminedTypeError

Raised when the type cannot be determine when setting the value of an OID.